What are the practical words for pressure vessels

ASME commonly used terms Abrasion, allowance for wear, margin Accessibility, pressure vessels Access openings Allowance for corrosion, erosion, or abrasion Corrosion margin Erosion or/wear margin Applied linings, tightness Approval of new materials, approval of new materials Articles in Section V Article 1, T-150 Chapter 1 T150 Article 2 Chapter 2 Attachments Lugs and fittings Lugs and fittings for platforms, etc. . Platforms, ladders, etc., nonpressure parts, nozzles, take over, pipe and nozzle necks to vessels, pipes and necks on the walls, stiffening rings, to shell, backing stripstress, Bending joints Bend test Blind flanges Bolted flange connections Bolted flange connections bolt lands Bolt stress design of design of flange moments flange stresses flange material double flange stresses Bolts Tightness of Tightness Types of attachment Bolts Braced and Stayed Surfaces Support and Support Surfaces Brazed connections for nozzles Brazed joints, efficiency of brazed joints, maximum strength of service strength of welded joints, maximum use of weld temperature coefficient Brazing, cleaning of b razed surfaces Brazing, brazing surface cleaning fabrication by using…filler metal filler metal fluxes brazing flux heads into shells operating temperature operating temperature Buttstraps, curvature, butts of forming ends of forming ends thickness and corrosion allowance thickness and corrosion allowance welding ends Carbon in material for welding Castile iron vessels, design malleable cast iron vessels, design pressure-temperature limits Pressure-temperature limits Castings service restrictions Castings steel carbon steel defects, impact test, inspection, quality factor, specifications, standards, cast iron circularlydished heads, cast iron disc heads, cast iron standard parts, small cast iron standard parts, small cast iron pipe fittings, cast iron pipe fittings corners and fillets head design head design hydrostatic test nozzles and fittings takeover and accessories pressure-temperatures limits pressure-temperature limits Certificate of Authorization for Material Code Symbol Stamp of Material Code Certification Certificate of Nondestructive Personnel Magnetic Particle Examination Magnetic Particle Inspection Liquid Penetrant Examination Liquid Penetration Inspection Radiograp hic Examination Ultrasonic Examination Ultrasonic Inspection Chip marks on integrally forged vessels Circumferential joints alignment tolerance Circumferential connection, assembly tolerance assembling assembly brazing brazing vessels subjected to external pressure material vessel subject to external pressure material , Inserted strips Examination of Clad plate Cleaning, of brazed surfaces Cleaning of welded surfaces Clearance between surfaces to be brazed Combination of different materials of different materials methods of fabrication Computed working pressure from hydrostatic tests Conical heads Conical sections Conical sections Connections, bolted flanges (see Bolted flange connections), bolted flanges (see bolted flange connections) brazed brazed clamp expanded from vessels to safety valves studded from the container to the safety valve studded studs threaded threaded welding Cooling, after postweld heat treating, cooling, postweld heat treatment Corrosion allowance Corrosion resistant linings Corrosion resistant linings shells Corrugating Paper Machinery Cover plates Cover plates on manholes and handholes Spherically dressed spherical head Cracking, stress corrosion Force corrosion cracks Cutting plates Plate cutting Cylindrical shells, supplementary loading Cylindrical shells, additional loads Thickness Thickness Transition in Transition section Data report, guide for preparation Guidelines for preparing data reports Defects in welded vessels, repairs Definitions to repair defects in welded vessels, repairs and definitions , Brazed vessels Design brazed vessels carbon and low alloy steel vessels carbon steel and low-alloy steel vessels cast ductile iron vessels cast iron vessels cast iron vessels clad vessels ferritic steel vessels with heat treatment envessels Tensile performance ferritic steel container forged vessels forged vessels high-alloy steel vessels high-alloy steel vessels loadings multichamber vessels nonferrous vessels welded vessels empty design pressure exemption diameter of welded vessels , Checking of size, check Discharge of safety valves Dished heads (see formed heads) Disks, rupture Dissimilar welded metal Welding of different metals Distortion, of welded vessels Large Deformation, welding container supports to prevent Drainage, discharge from safety and relief valves are discharged, and the safety valve and pressure relief valve are used to discharge Drop weight tests Eccentricity of shells Eccentricity of shells

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