What are the precautions for processing sheet metal chassis cabinets?

​At present, the cnc-machining of sheet metal boxes has become a more prominent form of cnc-machining in the processing industry. Nowadays, with the popularity of the electronics industry, the chassis of many electronic products are made of metal with high hardness and long life. Today, the editor wants to share with you the matters needing attention in the cnc machining of the sheet metal chassis cabinet shell.

Precautions for cnc-machining sheet metal chassis

  1. Expansion methods should be combined, and it is convenient to save materials and processability.
  2. Reasonably choose the gap and edge wrapping method, t=0.2 below 2.0, t=0.5 below 2-3, long side wrapping short side (door panel type)
  3. Reasonable consideration of tolerance dimensions: negative difference to the end, positive difference to the end, hole shape size: positive difference to the end, negative difference to half.
  4. Burr direction
  5. Draw a section view in the direction of tooth extraction, pressure riveting, tearing, punching and bump (bag) direction.
  6. Check materials, board thickness and board thickness tolerances.
  7. Special angle for sheet metal chassis cnc-machining, bending angle radius (generally r=0.5) to test and unfold.
  8. It should emphasize the error-prone areas of inspection (similar asymmetry).
  9. Enlarged images should be added where there are more sizes
  10. The spraying place must be indicated
  11. The coating on the surface of the sheet metal chassis must be uniform, and there must be no hanging or exposed bottom.
  12. The logo should be complete, clear, durable and reliable, and the serial number of the logo should not be lost.
  13. The panels of the sheet metal chassis should be flat, without deformation or distortion, and the openings of the cabinet doors should be uniform and neat.
  14. The size should meet the requirements and the error should not be too large.

Due to the different process and material selection of sheet metal chassis manufacturers, the quality of the processed sheet metal mold chassis cabinet shell is also different. Due to different demand levels, the quality of the chassis is also different. There are different types of chassis, but no matter how different they are, there are reasons.

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