What are the tips and tricks in precision CNC machining ?

With the development of the times faster, all walks of life have accelerated the speed, and precision cnc machining has also been squeezed into the market. 
One: remove the jaws of the vise, and machine two M4 threaded holes, two steel plates 2 that are 1.5 mm thick with the jaws, and rive the hard brass plate with a thickness of 0.8 mm with aluminum countersunk rivets 3 Fasten it to the jaws with M4 countersunk screws 1 to form a durable soft jaw. This also maintains the hardware parts from being pinched and interchangeable.
Two: using a magnet to pick up small parts (fees) to suck and take inconvenient, you can suck an iron plate 2 under the magnet 1, not only can suck a lot of small pieces, but also pull the iron plate open, the small pieces will automatically tilt immediately Into the collection box, lack of sensation, but very applicable.
Three: When the pulley is driven, the pulley often slips between the pulley and the axle. On the axle, use a ~15~18mm burrowing drill to draw a series of nests, which can constitute the adsorption force, avoid slipping, turn waste into treasure, the boss will reward.Four: When the 1 hex wrench is short and can't be stressed, the tube with the inner diameter slightly larger than the wrench can be inserted into the slot from a section of the milling slot, which can be regarded as a long handle.
Five: Regarding the tightening of the workpiece, the first positioning and then clamping, but about a workpiece, the first clamping and repositioning, because the workpiece will be deformed when clamping, so it should be clamped and repositioned, about 6 points positioning , find restrictions on its freedom.
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