What aspects need to be checked after processing precision parts?

ccording to the characteristics of mechanical maintenance, in addition to the hardness of the mechanical properties of the accessory materials, other precision indicators are generally not checked, but some properties encountered during the manufacture and overhaul of the accessories, such as balance Conditions, spring stiffness, etc., can not be ignored. During the manufacturing process, the original defects such as slag inclusions and voids may exist inside, and micro cracks may occur during use. These defects cannot be directly found in general observations and measurements, but they may have serious consequences for machinery. Therefore, in mechanical overhaul, it is necessary to purposely perform a full inspection of some parts. The heat treatment in the machining process of the parts can generally be divided into two types: preparation heat treatment and final heat treatment: 1. Preparation for heat treatment: The intention is to improve the mechanical properties, eliminate the internal stress, in order to prepare for the final heat treatment, generally including annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering and aging treatment. The preparation heat treatment is carried out, usually after roughing. 2. After all heat treatment: the intention is to improve the hardness and wear resistance of the parts, including quenching, carburizing, nitriding and other processes, generally after semi-finishing, before finishing.
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