What difference between Spark and Wire Erosion ?

Spark and Wire Erosion are two different Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) processes, which we use on a daily basis.Electrical discharge machining is a machining technique principally used for hard metals and metals that are difficult to machine using traditional methods. EDM normally operates with materials that are electrically conductive. EDM is designed to erode (remove) intricate depressions or contours from pre-hardened steel negating the requirement for heat treatment to soften and re-harden the steel. We use this method on many different types of metals and alloys, such as Titanium, Tool Steel, Tungsten CarbideEDM machines work to very tight tolerances, imagine a human hair.Now imagine something 20 times finer. That's four microns… and the tolerance routinely achieved by WES Hardmetal in fashioning some of the hardest metals on the planet.Some of the advantages of EDM include machining of:Intricate detail that would be difficult to machine with traditional cutting toolsExtremely close tolerances on some of the world’s hardest materialsAllows the workpiece to be very small, compared to traditional cutting tools that can damage a workpiece due to excess pressureThere is no direct contact between tool and work piece. Therefore delicate sections and weak materials can be machined without any distortion.A good surface finish can be obtained.Very fine holes can be easily drilled.Welcome to contact us for providing Electrical discharge machining .Dongguan Lemo Precision Metal Products Co.,LtdAddress: No.84 Zhongli Rd,Nancheng,Dongguan,Guangdong,523000,China.Contact: Amy ChenTel: 86-769-8803 9052Mobile: 86-13713262409Fax: 86-769-8803 8031E-mail: [email protected]
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