What factors affect the price of punch

What factors affect the price of punch

In recent years, the application of punches in industrial production has become more and more extensive, and many manufacturers have gradually increased. The production technology and processing standards of many manufacturers are different, which has led to a large price of this equipment. difference. In order to make it easy for everyone to buy, the editor introduces the following main factors that affect its price, let’s take a look!

 1. Manufacturer

Although almost every company claims that they can produce various types of punching presses, generally each manufacturer just concentrates on producing a few models. For equipment models that they do not produce, they usually transfer goods from other manufacturers. In this case, the price of the equipment purchased by the user is generally high.

2. Equipment tonnage

At present, the common tonnages on the market are 6.3T, 16T, 25, 40T, 63T, 80T, 100T, 125T, 250T, etc., and tonnage is one of the important factors that affect the use of users. Users should not blindly care about the price of equipment when purchasing. You should choose the equipment that suits you.

3. Device model

We should pay attention to the model of the equipment, and choose the corresponding model according to our needs. If you are making a chassis, you must choose a CNC punch with complex turret grinding tools. If it is used for processing complex holes such as scribing, ribbing, bridge lifting, etc. , 2 rotating stations are very important. In addition, it is necessary to consider the needs of the company after expanding its scale or business scope in the future.

In summary, when customers buy a punch, they must not have a fluke, and remember that the price is always proportional to the quality of the product. We cannot be greedy for small prices and buy products of poor quality. Maybe we were very happy to pay back the money at that time. After using it once or twice, we couldn’t use it. At that time, it was very sad.

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