What Is Heat Resistant Silicone Spoon Mat?

What is Heat Resistant silicone Spoon Mat?

The heat resistant silicone spoon mat made of 100% food-grade silicone, which is non-toxic, heat-resistant, BPA free. The silicone material is soft, durable, flexible, and won't scratch or rust like a stainless spoon rest, also won't break easily like a ceramic spoon rest.

The heat resistant silicone spoon mat is heat-resistant. It can be placed near the stovetop, countertop, or placed in any area that prep work or cooking is done. Whenever you want to free your hands, just put the utensils on spoon rest and it's will also keep your table top clean and drip-free. Less messy keep you in a good mood during cooking.

Multifunctional heat resistant silicone spoon mat is perfect for your kitchen, your countertops, tabletop, coffee bar. The spoon holder uses for kitchen utensils to lay down your spoons, ladles, spatulas, coffee spoon, BBQ utensils, etc. The perfect way to keep your stovetop, tabletop, and counter clean.

The silicone material makes the heat resistant silicone spoon mat easy to clean by hand with a simple wipe or it can simply be tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Because the surface of QiuYe spoon rest is smooth, water spots can be easily wiped off with a clean wet wipe. Hand-wash recommended extending product life.

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