What is S136H steel? What are the applications of S136H steel?

Pre-hardened HB290-330 quenching hardness: HRC52S136H steel characteristics:

1. The best polishing rotation

2. Good permeability

3. Good corrosion resistance

4. After this steel is quenched and mirror polished, its corrosion resistance is more reliable. Chemical composition (%): C: 0.38Si: 0.8Mn: 0.5Cr: 13.6V: 0.3: suitable for mold steel used in humid environments and weak acid and alkaline environments, ESR remelted (A grade) steel is suitable Production of optical instruments, lenses, lens molds, etc., suitable for the most sub-parts, disposable tableware, utensils, cameras, sunglasses, chemical instruments and plastic products. Physical properties:

As shown in the table, after quenching, the hardness of S136H mold steel is tempered to 50HRC, and the data is at room temperature and high temperature. Tensile strength: S136H mold steel is a round bar with a diameter of 25mm, after quenching and secondary tempering at 1025℃, the results under different hardnesses, such as:

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