What Is Silicone Teether Glove And How Much It Sold?

Children in teething age is like to bite every they can see to comfort their soft teeth gum. On these time, experienced parents will prepare some teethers for their babies. And silicone Material Teethers are very popular among parents.In this article, I will prove that silicone teether is a good product through solve three questions:What is silicone teether?Are silicone material teether toy safe?What is the unit price of silicone baby teether toy?
Firstly, what is silicone teether and what is it's most notable feature teether?Silicone teether is a silicone material soft and non-toxic toy designed for teething age children.Days before, our store added a glove shape teether. As you can see, the main part where kids use to comfort their teeth gum is made of silicone.Silicone is soft, so the gum of baby can be well protected. What's more, silicone part is easy to clean up and keep dry because that the silicone part is waterproof. And this feature will reduce the risk of  bacterial growthing rapidly.
Secondly, is it true that silicone material teether will do harm to baby's health?Silicone is part of the family of rubber. It is a polymer but not natural material. And this fact may let some parents cross out silicone material teether toy on their must purchase list.Chindren are the future of human being. So be careful when buying goods for babies is necessary.However, silicone is not a material toxic.Actually, siliocne teether are made of food grade silicone rubber, which FDA approved can directly contact with food.Besides, silicone is not a water soluble material. Actually, scientists called silicone a inert material due to it's stable features. Chemical reactions grow very slow on the surface of silicone products.
Now we had know that silicone teether is a kind of product with excellent features. If somone wants to buy this silicone teether glove, how many money should be prepare?Silicone rubber is not expensive. With the development of producing technology, the wholesale price of silicone product is lower and lower. So it is clear that most dealers can afford the the price of this new creative silicone glove teether. If you want a quantity more than 10000 pieces, it's unit price can be $1.2/pcs.If you think it is a interesting business item, please don't keep silence.

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