What is the choice of the positioning benchmark for the CNC processing center ?

How do you choose the choice of positioning reference for CNC computer processing center? Because the positioning of CNC computer processing center in the machinery industry is also a weak aspect of many users, what are the choices of CNC-machining center positioning benchmark? What are the points of the CNC-machining center positioning benchmark ?What are the benefits of computer processing and computer processing? First, the three basic requirements for selecting a benchmark: 1. The selected reference should ensure accurate and reliable workpiece positioning and loading and unloading. 2. The selected reference and the size of each processing part are calculated simply. 3. Guarantee processing accuracy.
Second, the optimal clamping position of the workpiece on the machine table: the workpiece clamping position should ensure that the workpiece is within the machining stroke range of each axis of the machine tool, and the length of the tool is shortened as much as possible to improve the machining rigidity of the tool.

Third, choose the positioning criteria 6 principles: 1. Try to choose the design basis as the positioning benchmark; 2. When the positioning reference and design basis cannot be unified, the positioning error should be strictly controlled to ensure the machining accuracy; 3. When the workpiece needs to be clamped more than twice, the selected reference can complete the processing of all key precision parts in one clamping position. 4. The selected benchmarks must be guaranteed to complete as much processing as possible; 5. When batch processing, the part positioning reference should coincide with the setting of the tool setting of the workpiece coordinate system as much as possible; 6. When multiple clamping is required, the benchmark should be unified before and after.
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