What is the difference between titanium plate and stainless steel?

Titanium plates and stainless steel plates, many people think that these two are very similar, there is nothing too obvious difference, in fact, they are not enough to understand them, let me talk about the difference between the two, only when you buy, you can Need to determine what you need:

The general stainless steel plate is relatively cheap and has a wide range of applications. The biggest feature of stainless steel plates is that they are not easy to rust. The main reason is that more than 12.5% of the chromium is added to the steel. In the process of metal oxidation, chromium can make steel. The surface layer quickly forms a purified film that is very effective in preventing metal oxidation. The reason why it is 12.5% is because once the content of chromium exceeds 12.5%, the anti-rust function of the purified film will undergo a dramatic change, which will greatly enhance the rust resistance of the metal, but less than 12.5%. The effect is not so obvious, so the general stainless steel plate has a chromium content of more than 12.5%. The more it exceeds, the stronger the anti-rust performance. Similarly, the price will be more expensive.

For titanium plates, it always refers to pure titanium, titanium is a metal, pure titanium basically refers to the metal properties of titanium, titanium is very light, high hardness, easy to rust, high stability, corrosion resistance Good sex, is a very good metal, compared with stainless steel plate, titanium has too many advantages, in addition to the same stainless effect, each performance is basically better than stainless steel, so high-quality metal, corresponding The price is also expensive, so the main application areas of titanium plates are aviation, medicine, scientific research and so on.

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