What is the gap between domestic CNC machining centers and imported CNC machining centers? ?

We all know that cnc machining centers are extremely important for industrial production.With the development of modern science and technology, the equipment industry is moving towards extreme manufacturing: on the one hand, the equipment is more and more advanced, on the one hand, the products processed are more and more refined, and the processing technology is more and more complicated. The integration is also getting higher and higher.In order to meet the needs of future products, many companies in the industry have begun to replace traditional CNC machining centers with CNC CNC machining centers. Unlike traditional CNC machining centers, CNC CNC machining centers generally classify the number of axes as the standard. The three-axis cnc machining center is low-grade, and the three-to-five-axis cnc machining center is medium-to-high-end, five-axis cnc machining center. For the high class.After years of development, China's CNC machining center industry has made great breakthroughs in the production of traditional CNC machining centers. It has become the world's third largest CNC machining center producer, but it is produced in CNC CNC machining centers. Compared with foreign high-end CNC machining centers, there are still three major gaps;A. The gap in accuracy, stability, reliability, etc.;For example, the five-axis CNC CNC machining center, the domestic products are continuous 1000H without fault, and the foreign products can reach 1500H without failure, with a difference of 1/3.B. The gap in the CNC system;The CNC system is the core part of the whole CNC CNC machining center, and China does not currently master its high-end technology. Therefore, the CNC system of the medium and high-end CNC machining centers used by CNC machining centers in China are basically imported from abroad.C. The gap in other key components;At present, China's CNC machining centers can reach up to 95% of the international advanced level, but the remaining 5% is not a company, and it needs to be upgraded to the overall level of the national industry, including raw materials, standard parts, screws, nuts, etc. industry. In addition, there is still a big gap between the process of production and testing of CNC machining centers and the world's advanced level.

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