What Kind of Steel is Alloy Spring Steel?

Alloy spring steel is based on carbon steel, by adding one or several alloying elements to improve the mechanical properties, hardenability and other properties of steel to meet the steel required for the production of various springs.

The basic composition series of alloy spring steel includes silicon manganese spring steel, silicon chrome spring steel, chromium manganese spring steel, chromium vanadium spring steel, tungsten chromium vanadium spring steel and the like. Based on these series, there are some grades that incorporate alloying elements such as molybdenum, vanadium or boron in order to improve their performance in some aspects.

In addition, some steel grades, such as high-quality carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel, high-speed tool steel, and stainless steel, are selected as spring steels.

2. Classified according to production and processing methods
(1) Hot rolling (forging) Steels include hot rolled round bars, square steel, flat steel, steel plates, forged round steel and square steel.

(2) Cold drawing (rolling) Steel includes steel wire, steel strip and cold drawn steel (cold drawn round steel).

3. Classified according to steel delivery status
(1) Hot rolling (forging) steel
A. Delivery in hot rolled (wrought) condition The steel is thermoformed into a spring and then quenched and tempered.
B. Delivery in an annealed condition The steel is cold formed into a spring and then quenched and tempered.
All of the above should meet the requirements of the corresponding delivery state hardness.

(2) cold drawing (rolling) steel

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