What Products Are Trending Right Now? Kn95 Mask Rope

What product is hot right now?What is the Top Most Trending Products for 2020?Disinfectant alcohol!  Mask accessories!  protective suit! With the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak situation getting worse and worse, the demands of those health care products are been a skyrocketing trend for a few months.As a silicone products manufacturer, it seems that we have no business with the newly market demands.Is it true?In fact, our workers are very busy since they back to job. We are hurry for finishing orders that come from surgical face mask manufacturer.
Kn95 Mask RopeThe product we are busy to produce is silicone rope. It is an accessories of Kn95 mask.Made of food grade silicone rubber. It is odorless. Soft silicone rope can release the pain on ear after a long time wearing face mask.Our worker can make over 5000 pcs per day.

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