Why is the precision of precision machining processes getting bigger?

etal fittings, mold processing, steel processing, cnc machining, precision machining, from the past few years, the application range is wider and wider, the effect is much better than in previous years, mainly with the assistance of mechanical equipment, naturally in the work The quality can also be better improved. Many industries are in development. If there is no mechanical equipment processing, efficiency, or work speed, it has obvious advantages compared with other manufacturers.Precision machining, precision machining can be recognized by customers    The pursuit of high precision is constantly improving in the precision parts processing industry, the manufacturing capability of automation equipment can not be improved, and the value of innovation for customers is higher. The parts machining industry is very important. The products of the company will be favored by the market, and the quality and precision of the products are the focus of customers. Customers choose you, will not cooperate with you because of mutual relationship, must be precision parts processing can meet the needs, can improve the performance of equipment, improve the quality of production products, create more profits.      In the actual production and processing, we will always go to various problems, and some technical problems will arise in the processing of equipment, so that the error of precision parts processing is getting bigger and bigger. What is the reason?Precision machining, precision machining can be recognized by customers     If the dynamic tracking error of the part processing equipment is too large and the alarm can be checked, check whether the servo motor speed is too high; whether the position detecting component is good; whether the position feedback cable connector is in good contact; the corresponding analog output latch and gain potentiometer Whether it is good; whether the corresponding servo drive is normal, etc., and timely repair.     Of course, if the cnc machine tool overshoots during movement, it will cause poor machining accuracy. For example, the acceleration and deceleration time is too short, and the speed change time can be extended appropriately. It may also be that the connection between the servo motor reducer and the lead screw is loose. Or the rigidity is too bad, the gain of the position loop can be appropriately reduced. It is worth noting that when the two axes of the part processing equipment are linked, the machining accuracy of the parts will be deteriorated under the influence of factors such as the axial deformation of the circle and the oblique ellipse error. The deformation may be caused by the mechanical unadjusted; the oblique ellipse error needs to check the position deviation value of each axis first. If the deviation is too large, the position loop gain can be adjusted to eliminate.Precision machining, precision machining can be recognized by customers    Various factors may cause the processing precision of precision parts to change. It requires our technicians to master more professional knowledge. The machining companies are also highly dependent on talents. Enterprises must constantly introduce new equipment and also have more Cultivate talents so that the precision of the company's products can keep up with the needs of the times.
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