Yuan Zhenghai Team: An Innovation Team on New Technology

A team consists of 17 ordinary workers, named Yuan Zhenghai Team, in Jiangling Motors Corporation has made over 200 technology innovations, and rewritten the history of mould importation.

The engine room outside front board of a new business car has been just punched, and the mould used is soley designed by Yuan Zhenghai Team this year. In the past, the cost of importing moulds from overseas by Jiangling Group was as high as more than 20 m yuan. Until the end of April, moulds newly designed by the team has exceeded 420, which has promoted Jiangling’s direct economic benefits for over billions of yuan.
Head of the team    Yuan Zhenghai: continuous improve our processing capability and technology to creat more value for our   corperation.

Yuan Zhenghai is the technical expert in China, and also the winner of China Skill Prize. In his team, all workers can be said of technical experts. Among the 17 workers, 8 are senior technicians. All small inventions are named by workers name like Fangyue working method. This April, Yuan Zhenghai Team’s management experience has been recorded in national advanced team of machinery industry assessment indicators.

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